Renée has been baking since she was a small child with her mother and grandmother. Not only did they teach her the art of baking, but also about love and sharing with others.  Renée began her career in bakeries and has worked in all aspects of the business, from the storefront and office to baking and decorating. She worked in the bakery business for ten years before taking a break from professional baking and decorating to raise her children. She continued to bake for private clients, family and friends.

When Renée married her husband, who has Celiac disease, she had to completely change the way she thought about food and baking. At first nothing made sense, and there was not a lot of information nor commercially produced food available. After a lot of research and many failed attempts, Renée mastered gluten free cooking and baking.

As her family grew, they were faced with food allergies and autoimmune diagnoses. Once again, Renée had to completely change the way she thought about food. Through more research and experimentation, she was able to conquer those challenges. She sees every day as an opportunity to learn more about allergen free baking.

Through her research, Renée became concerned about where her family’s food came from and how it is produced. She is transitioning her family to an organic diet and finds great comfort in knowing exactly what goes into the food she serves.

When approached by Jessica to join the Now Find Foods team, Renée was excited for the chance to share her experiences and recipes. Renée believes that whatever their food allergies may be, everyone should be able to enjoy delicious food, without the worry.