yule log
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Yule Log

Winter solstice used to be celebrated with bonfires and reminded people that the sun and warmth would again return, even during the darkest hours of winter. The tradition was carried...

chocolate buttercream
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Simple Chocolate Buttercream

Cake isn't really cake without frosting. I like this dairy free chocolate buttercream recipe because it is so simple and straight forward that it is impossible to mess up. It...

Peanut Butter Blossoms
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Peanut Butter Blossoms

Peanut Butter Blossoms are my family's ultimate holiday cookie. We make them every year, sometimes several times during the holiday season. They are always a huge hit.

This recipe is...

fudgy hazelnut cookies
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Fudgy Hazelnut Cookies

Whenever I have time, I like to wander around different grocery stores. I find ingredients  that I haven't tried yet and sometimes I get great ideas for recipes. That is...

walnut spice cookies
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Walnut Spice Cookies

My grandmother baked a version of these walnut spice cookies all the time. My grandfather loved them as much as I do.  The spice combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice...

traditional meat sauce
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Traditional Meat Sauce

With the holidays around the corner, it is great having this meat sauce to throw together with pasta for a quick meal. I usually make enough meat sauce so that...

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Whether you call them bismarks, paczkis or sufganiyot -fried, these sugar covered, filled yeast donuts are divine.

I usually make bismarks at home around the winter holidays and I am...

apple walnut
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Apple Walnut Pound Cake

Whenever my grandmother had visitors, there was always a sweet treat to serve up with coffee. She even had a special spot on her kitchen counter where she kept the...

App Updates -
App Update: Brand New Look & Feel!

The Now Find Family of Apps is Proud to present our latest and greatest versions of our apps! You spoke, and we heard! We have had great feedback from our...

App Updates -
Filter Out Product Ingredients You Wish to Avoid

The Now Find Family of Apps has an extensive list of Dietary Filters, but did you know that you can use the Global Search to find specific products that contain...

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Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah from our Now Find Dairy Free family to yours!

It is our privilege to serve you and all your dairy free needs. Every day, our goal is to...

cookies exchange
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Holiday Cookies and Cookie Exchanges

The Thanksgiving leftovers have barely been put away when I begin to think about what I am going to bake for the December holidays. Whether you are celebrating a holiday,...

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