chicken po boys
Chicken Po’Boys
Servings Prep Time
4sandwiches 15minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
6minutes 2hours
Servings Prep Time
4sandwiches 15minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
6minutes 2hours
Spicy Mayonnaise
  1. Combine one cup of non dairy milk and vinegar. Stir to combine. Let set for five minutes to sour. Combine sour milk, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper in a resealable plastic bag. Add the chicken, then seal and refrigerate for at least two hours.
  2. When you are ready to cook the chicken, mix the breading, flour, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper in a bowl until well combined.
  3. Combine eggs and 1/2 cup non dairy milk in another bowl and whisk well until well combined.
  4. One at a time, remove chicken from the sour milk and dredge in the breading mix, pressing breading firmly into the chicken, then set on a dish or baking sheet. Repeat with the remaining tenderloins.
  5. When all chicken has been dredged once, one at a time, dip each tenderloin into egg mixture and then again into the breading mixture. Set on a baking sheet and repeat the process with the other three tenderloins.
  6. Heat oil in a dutch oven or large frying pan over medium high heat until it reaches 365-375°. Fry breaded tenderloins 2 at a time until golden brown, about 3 minutes per side. Cooked chicken tenderloins temperature should be 165°. Place cooked tenderloins on a cooling rack covered with plain brown paper or paper towels to drain.
  7. Slice baguettes in half and brush lightly with olive oil and toast under the broiler or in a 350° oven until golden brown.
  8. Mix mayonnaise and spices until well combined.
  9. Assemble sandwiches by spreading mayonnaise on both sides of roll, followed by lettuce, chicken and sliced tomato.
  10. Serve with a side of spicy mayonnaise if desired.
Recipe Notes

This Chicken Po’Boys recipe is dairy free and gluten free with substitutions.

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